Short Fiction

Various attempts at writing stories

Because pantomime would take too long

Keep Purring (2018)
“If a space alien were to land and say that no more flies should be killed, would you honor that request?”
“That’s an appeal from authority and would be an argument from fallacy.”
“Perhaps this being knows something that you don’t.”
“Then he or she— or it— can explain why.”
“Perhaps it’s a matter beyond your comprehension.”
“Try me.” …
Toon Spaceships (2018)
Appearing in the twilight sky, a spaceship hangs low and looks as if designed by a student for homework. It comprises simple additive geometry of spheres, cylinders and cubes that were only rotated and scaled on various axes but otherwise not deformed or using any other custom shapes. …
Timeline, Interrupted (2017)
An explanation for the so-called "Mandela Effect"
Cracker (2006)
Adventures with pocket-sized art
Raleigh: All You Need Is A Three (2003; screenplay 2003)
Origins of an unnatural attachment to a classic 3-speed bicycle
In The Mind Of The Beholder (2001)
Concept by Emily — When dreams, memories and past lives collide with reality
Out Of The Blue (2001; screenplay 2004)
Life-threatening events are sometimes necessary to wake someone from a mundane life
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