These were written for an independent film production budget.

None have been made into a movie, as far as we know.

Out Of The Blue [length: approximately 60 minutes]
Sometimes it takes a potentially life threatening event to wake us up, put us on track and get us to ultimately where we belong. This is such a journey-- a journey rather than an adventure because the strength has always been there from the very beginning in each of us.

Follow Jainene as she finds her way via an unexpected side effect of helping herself recover physically.

Comments: To alleviate cliché of life changing events, the car crash scene is subtle and finished in the brief opening scene. Overall, the script is not quite long enough to be a feature length film, too long to be a short...

Original story written in 2001, screenplay in 2004.

Raleigh ~ All You Need Is A Three! [short]
When a typical American thinks romantic thoughts of life in Europe, images of stylish people tooling around on quaint bicycles pop into mind. Such bikes used by real people probably had three speeds and typically made by Raleigh, even if sold under a different brand-- a staple for millions, generation after generation.

This near-silent short movie script is your booster shot of a romance for living.

Original story and screenplay written in 2004.

Copyright © 2001, 2004 Daniel Joseph Pezely
Each may be licensed via Creative Commons Attribution.