Chronology of what was authored in the year, 2016

With Bitcoin, "You Are The Bank"

Article, Date: 2016-12-26
Revised: 2017, 2018

In many references to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, "You are the bank," will be commonly found.

This table attempts to put that statement into context.

But at end of the day, you still must make up your own mind about it.

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With Bitcoin, "You Are The Bank"

Getting Talent Into Canada

Article, Date: 2016-10-04
Revised: 2016

As a nation, Canada already assists and facilitates technology startups through various incentives and programs.

A proposal outlined here could help more startups as well.

This is a call to action with little effort required by startup incubators and accelerators but also calls for acknowledgement by Immigration authorities that existing policies may be used in this way.

To be clear: government policy remains unmodified.

(This piece was written upon invitation from someone at a Government Canada office, a contact made at Vancouver Startup Week 2016.)

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Getting Talent Into Canada
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