Adventures of a pewter cracker

Cracker by:
Herbert Hoover of Harlem

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Episode 1: First Days In Seattle

Our postal inspector cat and envelope examines and authenticates the newly arrived package from an artist named Herb Hoover. Not content to just sit around at home, the cracker begins its adventure cracker and bouquet around Seattle. The considerate creature that it is, our pewter hero brings a bouquet of flowers up from Pike Place Market and stops to take in a view of the Space Needle among the skyline.

Just trying to fit in, hanging with Saltines the shiny one nearly was eaten during an office lunch meeting.

After the narrow escape from such a harrowing experience, it did what any local character would do: with mocha have not just one espresso drink (double tall mocha) with latte but two (single short latte).

Stay tuned for more exciting escapades!

Does the shy cracker come out of its wrapper?

Would someone attempt to eat the metallic wonder?

Can a shiny cracker fend off evil?

Is this cracker the key to reverse-engineering reality?

Cracker Copyright © 2006 Herbert Hoover of Harlem.
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Text and photographs Copyright © 2006 Daniel Joseph Pezely
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