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Haskell - the language that usually wins programming competitions

"Buddha is small, clean, and serious."
"Buddha is big, has hairy armpits, and laughs."
"If you see Buddha on the street, kill him.
The real buddha is within."

Start with the Haskell lecturer channeling the late, great Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss).

Haskell 98 is the standard "stable" branch.

Haskell' (``haskell-prime'') is a conservative research branch.

Some interesting work involves Template Haskell available now
(think: meta programming a la Lisp macros).

Why Haskell?

Comments on Haskell from the programming languages shootout (June 2006)

About Haskell

Looking for something specific? Try Hoogle
Language and library specification
Haskell - Wikipedia entry
Haskell in 5 steps
Contains things like books and tutorials
There's an older wiki with:
Practical Haskell (work-in-progress) in the spirit of Peter Seibel's famous Lisp book meta-blog / aggregator

Using Haskell

GHC - The Glasgow Haskell Compiler
MacOSX status
Emacs mode for Haskell

Writing other languages in your spare time using Haskell

Writing A Lisp Interpreter In Haskell
early interview with Audrey about Pugs: Perl 6 written in Haskell

Deeper topics in Haskell

Template Haskell - Lisp style Macros in Haskell
TH is an extension to the purely functional programming language Haskell that supports compile-time meta-programming. The purpose of the system is to support the algorithmic construction of programs at compile-time.
The Continuation monad
Monads in functional programming - Wikipedia

Programming Languages Topics:

Types and Programming Languages
Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages

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